A Plum Cake Recipe from Stanley Tucci


Who could forget Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub as Italian brothers and chefs in Big Night.  In preparation for his role as Secondo, Stanley Tucci worked with acclaimed chef Gianni Scappin, honing the skills he already had, as the son of “food-obsessed” Italian immigrants.  In The Tucci Cookbook, he pulls together recipes from both of their families, [...]

A delicious show-stopper: Citrus Pound Cake with Pistachios and Lemon Icing

pistachio poundcake

In baking, everything is in the details.  That’s why I love to use recipes from Cook’s Illustrated.  They explain the science behind their perfected techniques.  Case in point; because egg yolks are great emulsifiers, adding extra yolks to a pound cake will “help the batter retain air making the cake light.  Their fattiness contributes richness, tenderness [...]

Splendid & seasonal: Juicy Satsuma Orange Cake

Citrus fruits are abundant in winter and their bright flavor and color can invigorate all kinds of dishes. I was instantly drawn to this rustic cake in Cooking in the Moment. Glazed slices of orange speckle its surface, and an orange syrup brushed over the warm cake seeps into the crumbly crust. The recipe calls [...]