A Salad for Fall: Shredded Chicken with Haricots Verts, Radicchio & Goat Cheese with Sherry Vinaigrette

2013-08-31 05.14.53

Chopped salads, shredded salads, and cole slaws are a nice departure from your everyday mixed greens or arugula. They are appealing in their likeness to confetti, so choose vivid and contrasting colors and textures. Here, bright yellow and green haricots verts pop out of a pile of shredded radicchio and grilled chicken, tossed in a [...]

A Simple Roasted Carrot Salad for the Holidays: Rainbow Carrots with Dates & Sherry Vinaigrette


This simple salad would be a beautiful and festive addition to any holiday table. It’s a rustic yet sophisticated dish that could be served as an appetizer or a side, and is delicious at any temperature. Carrot salads are typical in Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisines, and often contain raisins.  As a twist, I used slivered [...]